Who We Are

3Fold Creative propels businesses and non-profits to the next level of growth through custom web design, branding and logo design, marketing, technology solutions and more. We are located in Greenville, SC, but work with clients around the US.

Multiple Strengths, Working Together

We call our agency 3Fold because our team brings together the best of 3 diverse fields: business, technology, and intentional design.

Of course, any agency can claim to have experts in multiple fields. What sets 3Fold Creative apart is synergy—our experts regularly reach outside of their traditional disciplines to make decisions about projects. Our design team goes beyond just colors, fonts and layout—their choices have your company’s ROI in mind. Our developers aren’t just thinking about functionality, but make recommendations about aesthetics and user experience. Our social media consultants are coming up with ways for you to drum up new business outside of Internet marketing.

This kind of integrated thinking makes our end projects stronger and helps you better achieve your goals.

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The x is for exponential

What does the little x in our logo mean? You tell us. Our goal is to help your business grow exponentially, but we need you to tell us the value of “x”—what ideal growth looks like for you.

Are you just trying to get more exposure for your non-profit? Are you a well-established company that needs to improve marketing outreach? Do you have big dreams for your new startup?

Tell us your growth goals and we’ll tailor a solution that fits.

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A bit of history

Tim Joiner started Tim’s Computer Sales back in 1996 and later renamed it Dynamic Technology Solutions to reflect the fact that the business had developed into a full-service technology solutions provider. But then the company further expanded to include web marketing and business consulting, adding experts along the way to better meet client needs. DTS eventually acquired Imacomm, a web design and Internet marketing company founded by Nicole Anonsen. This partnership gave DTS clients a new edge in creative services, including graphic design and branding.

That’s why in 2013, we changed our name to 3Fold Creative — to better reflect the wide range of what we offer.

What can we do for you?