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Unreachable Horizons: 2015 in Review

My little sister turned 20 in November. In my head though, she’s still somewhere around 15. I know she’s in college. I know she’s dating and probably not far from married. I know she’s […]

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Profile of an Ideal Client

“What’s a good referral for you?” I get asked that a lot. I’ve discovered that knowing exactly who I want to serve is really powerful. That knowledge helps me quickly identify whether a person […]

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A Tale of Two Websites

Once upon time, a technology company took on so many projects that they didn’t have time to improve their own website. They all knew it was probably hurting their business, but with so many […]

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7 Must-Do’s for an Effective Meeting

How many hours did you spend in meetings last week? Five hours? Ten? Twenty or more? I run—and attend—a lot of meetings. A recent review of my calendar turned up an average of about […]


Email management to save your workday

If you have an email inbox associated with your job, you know what a tyrant email can be. New messages come in all day long, demanding attention and pulling you away from whatever task […]

Internet Explorer Security Risk

Warning: Internet Explorer security risk

A security breach in Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser, can make your computer vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Microsoft announced the vulnerability on April 26, and it affects all versions of IE from 6 […]

Website design Greenville: MSI security

3Fold launches new site for MSI

3Fold recently launched a new website for MSI, a Spartanburg company that offers telecom and security systems for South Carolina hospitals, schools, and other large organizations. In addition to working well on a laptop or […]


DTS rebrands as 3Fold Creative

Dynamic Technology Solutions has taken on a new brand identity: 3Fold Creative. Here’s why we believe the new name fits us better.


3Fold Creative Launches Look Up Lodge Website

This month, 3Fold Creative launched a completely redesigned website for Look Up Lodge.


DTS launches Palmetto Compressors site

This month, DTS launched a completely redesigned website for Palmetto Compressors, Inc. Palmetto Compressors (located in Fountain Inn, SC) sells, installs and services air compressors for industrial settings (think major manufacturing plants, auto shops, […]


Responsive design: a site for any size screen

Ever been on a site that didn’t make sense or was just plain hard to use? Yeah, me too. What about on a mobile device like a phone or an iPad? Have you encountered […]


4 attributes of great logo design

When a client asks me to design a logo, I take into account the 4 major things a logo should do: identify, personify, differentiate, and adapt. These 4 functions are the foundation in creating […]