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How to Identify Spam Comments

The past two decades have brought us many blessings, but also several irritating curses—including reality television, “paranormal teen romance” as a literary genre, and spam. Boo, spam, boo. If you have a blog of […]


SEO Basics: “Get rich quick” doesn’t work

There’s a reason get-rich-quick schemes are called “schemes.” They sound good at first, but they never work out. The old saying is true—there is no such thing as a free lunch.


“How’s Business?” 2012 in Review

“How’s business?” It’s a common question, and a good way to start a conversation with a fellow-business owner. I am often guilty of using some clichéd excuse for an answer: “Could be better, could […]



We recently leased and renovated a new conference room in our building. It is a great space, except for one problem: Bright sunlight streams in the windows every morning, heating the room, shining in […]


Productivity Tip: Virtual Desktops

Imagine your desk when you are in the middle of a project. Papers everywhere, random sticky notes, a few pens, a cold cup of coffee, your laptop, your day planner, etc. Got the mental […]


The 5 worst reasons for business social media

Social media can do wonders for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (and whatever new thing appears in 2013) can be great for creating brand loyalty, gaining exposure, and growing relationships with potential and existing […]


DTS launches new Luxury Junkyard site

DTS recently launched a new site for The Luxury Junkyard, a local parts business specializing in used Rolls Royce and Bentley car parts.


How to Avoid Bad Programmers

In my last post, I explained why good code matters. However, if you don’t have any background in coding, you have no idea what makes code good or bad. In this article I’m going […]


DTS launches Brewster Place Staffing site

In October 2012, DTS launched the website for Brewster Place Staffing, a New Jersey-based staffing company that focuses on finding jobs for pathologists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and other medical professionals.


Taming the inbox monster

Like many people that work in the information economy, I deal with a ton of e-mail—literally several hundred messages every day—and sometimes it seems like I spend all day staring at an overflowing inbox. […]


How Do I Unlock The Green Padlock?

The other day I was helping a friend with his computer. Among other things, he asked me, “How do I unlock the green padlock?” Was his data locked up in there? He couldn’t figure […]


How to Avoid Phishing E-mails

  It happened again the other day—a phishing e-mail slipped through the filters and landed in the inbox. This e-mail prompted a discussion between my husband and me about whether or not we had […]