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Profile of an Ideal Client

“What’s a good referral for you?” I get asked that a lot. I’ve discovered that knowing exactly who I want to serve is really powerful. That knowledge helps me quickly identify whether a person […]

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A Tale of Two Websites

Once upon time, a technology company took on so many projects that they didn’t have time to improve their own website. They all knew it was probably hurting their business, but with so many […]

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7 Must-Do’s for an Effective Meeting

How many hours did you spend in meetings last week? Five hours? Ten? Twenty or more? I run—and attend—a lot of meetings. A recent review of my calendar turned up an average of about […]


DTS rebrands as 3Fold Creative

Dynamic Technology Solutions has taken on a new brand identity: 3Fold Creative. Here’s why we believe the new name fits us better.


SEO Basics: “Get rich quick” doesn’t work

There’s a reason get-rich-quick schemes are called “schemes.” They sound good at first, but they never work out. The old saying is true—there is no such thing as a free lunch.


“How’s Business?” 2012 in Review

“How’s business?” It’s a common question, and a good way to start a conversation with a fellow-business owner. I am often guilty of using some clichéd excuse for an answer: “Could be better, could […]



We recently leased and renovated a new conference room in our building. It is a great space, except for one problem: Bright sunlight streams in the windows every morning, heating the room, shining in […]


The 5 worst reasons for business social media

Social media can do wonders for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (and whatever new thing appears in 2013) can be great for creating brand loyalty, gaining exposure, and growing relationships with potential and existing […]