DTS launches Palmetto Compressors site

This month, DTS launched a completely redesigned website for Palmetto Compressors, Inc.

Palmetto Compressors (located in Fountain Inn, SC) sells, installs and services air compressors for industrial settings (think major manufacturing plants, auto shops, etc.). PCI is South Carolina’s only distributor for Kaeser Compressors—a German-based air compressor brand known for efficiency and quality.


We’ll confess we didn’t really understand anything about the industrial air compressor business when we started. But our team went out to PCI’s location, toured their warehouse, and listened carefully as owner Wendell Tumblin explained what goes into a compressed air system and what prospective buyers are looking for. We read through the literature they provided us and did a bit of independent research.

Our writer was then able to identify the major messages that would best demonstrate to factory and shop owners how Kaeser products (and therefore Palmetto Compressors) can meet their needs better than the competition. We were able to update content from the old site and do good, clean SEO—optimizing the content for Google searches in a reader-friendly way. (Not to mention that we can now answer the question “What are the four major components of an industrial air compressor system?”—you know, should the topic ever come up over dinner or something.)business site redesign


Because Kaeser products are what sets Palmetto Compressors apart from their competition, we wanted the site design to feature these products as much as possible. Our designer replaced PCI’s old color palette with blue-gray and orange. Not only do these colors compliment Kaeser’s signature yellow, but they ensure that the product photos are the most prominent visual feature of the site.

In addition, the design is clean and light, to visually represent the utility they provide—air—and to reflect the simple exterior design of Kaeser products.

You can see the live site at PalmettoCompressors.com.

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