DTS rebrands as 3Fold Creative

Dynamic Technology Solutions has taken on a new brand identity: 3Fold Creative. The rebrand includes a new logo (one that pays homage to the DTS möbius strip) and a brand-new website at 3Foldx.com. This transition has been in the works for several months, and we’re excited the change is finally official.

The reason for the change

To get some things out of the way at the start:

  • Yes, we’re still the same people.
  • Yes, our old email addresses still work.
  • No, we haven’t gotten on the bad side of the law, the bank, our clients, or the Witness Protection Program.
  • Yes, our phone number is still 864-761-4141 and we’re still in that cool brick building on the end of Pettigru.

However, we’ve had the sense for quite some time (years, actually) that the name “Dynamic Technology Solutions” had outgrown its usefulness. First, try answering the phone with “Dynamic Technology Solutions, this is Ashley, how can I help you?” really fast without tripping up. It’s hard. Trust us, we know.

But the main reason for the change, of course, goes much deeper. The old name reflected a time when we as a company dealt only in the realm of technology. In the past several years, however, we’ve added a lot of great people to our team who represent diverse fields. Because of that, we’ve been able to expand our offerings to all kinds of web and digital marketing—including top-notch design, content strategy, business consulting, social media marketing and more.

And recently we’ve really become convinced that what sets us apart from other web design companies is not just a checklist of diverse things we offer, but our synergy—the way that our employees meld several different fields together. Our creative team has an understanding of entrepreneurship. Our developers are interested in the aesthetics  and user experience.  Our business people “get” what does and doesn’t work in design.

We’ve come to believe this kind of “outside-your-own-box” thinking is pretty rare in our industry, and is one of our greatest strengths.

But then there was our old name, still insisting we were just a technology company. It wasn’t just ignoring our main differential, it was actually undercutting it.

3Fold Creative

So we spent many (many, many) hours brainstorming a new brand identity that would better communicate who we are and what sets us apart. Eventually we came up with 3Fold Creative. It reflects our three broad areas of expertise: business, technology, and intentional design. The small “x” in our logo represents the fact that we offer companies exponential growth—you tell us what your growth goals are, and we’ll help you get there.

To help celebrate our new brand, we had a snazzy new video made, in which we explain more about what it’s like working with 3Fold Creative. You can see the new video here.

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