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CampsAbroad provides training for churches around the world to help them establish effective camping ministries. Unfortunately, the existing CampsAbroad website was cluttered, hard to navigate, and didn’t fully communicate their mission. So they came to 3Fold for a site redesign.

Much of the site’s content already existed in the form of missionary letters and team biographies. Our content strategist’s job was to re-organize the site so that users could easily find what they were looking for. Calls to action on each page guide readers to the next piece of relevant content. We also created stronger homepage messaging that immediately communicates what CampsAbroad does and why it matters.

When a user first comes to the site, they see a single image that helps support this message. Choosing this image was a challenge. We wanted to communicate that CampsAbroad works all around the globe and with all ages, so we didn’t want an image that was specifically from a camp in South America, Asia, or Africa, or one that showed only young children or just teenagers.

Our designer chose to do a silhouette of campers in a field, playing “Big Ball Volleyball,” a camp game that will be familiar to most of the site’s audience. The image communicates camping without limiting it to just one location or age group. The CampsAbroad team loved the image and now uses it on multiple marketing pieces.

The 3Fold team also created a better way to organize the missionary update letters, including an interactive map that immediately communicates how CampsAbroad’s ministry reaches across the globe.