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Goldie Associates

The environmental firm Goldie Associates handles a lot of different services—everything from designing waterworks for city governments to conducting environmental tests for factories. The challenge for their website was capturing the wide variety of things they do, and connecting the right audiences to the right services.

In designing the Goldie Associates homepage, we used a grid with large images to immediately communicate their breadth of services. We also encouraged the audience to self-select, with callouts for government officials, industrial leaders, and those involved with construction.

This grid is designed to work on all devices. The images are boxes on desktop monitors, but actually convert into horizontal bars on phones for ease of scrolling. We also created a user-friendly solution for the site’s Downloads page, organizing dozens of pdf documents in way that’s easy for users to find exactly what they need.

Our design team re-invented the Goldie Associates brand. We abandoned the gold and maroon of their old brand and instead adopted greens and blues, which better reflect the environmental industry. We created a logo mark that mimics a topographical map, to reflect their technical work with landscapes. This motif is also repeated—subtly—in the background of the site.