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Living Well Chiropractic

Dr. Milo Wilcox, a chiropractor in Salina, Kansas, contacted 3Fold Creative after being impressed by the website we built for a colleague, Dr. Mruz of Eastside Chiropractic. Dr. Wilcox’s old site was a “rescue project”: through no fault of theirs it had been blacklisted by Google, and people trying to log on were given warnings that their computers could be infected with malware.

3Fold Creative first rescued their domain and built a temporary construction page (complete with video and contact form) to replace the old site while we worked on the new one. We included their logo, which our designer refreshed to make a bit cleaner.

The new site features warm, inviting colors with a background image of a grain field that reflects their Kansas location. The inner pages of the site are well-developed, each organizing complex information in an easy-to read, attractive fashion. And like the rest of the site, these inner page designs are responsive, adapting to smartphone and tablet screens of any size.