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Piano Central Studios

People have often assumed that Piano Central Studios offers only children’s piano lessons. After all, the word “Piano” is in the name, and for years their logo included a piano key motif. But Piano Central Studios, the largest private music school in the South Carolina Upstate, offers a lot more than that, including instruction for nine different instruments (including guitar, violin, and voice) and several group classes, with students ranging in age from infant to adult.

So when director Theresa Case asked 3Fold to redo their branding and website, communicating the breadth—and value—of what PCS does was high priority.

First, our design team reworked the logo to emphasize the word “Studios” and to de-emphasize “Piano.” The treble clef in the logo twists around the “D” in studios, bringing more visual attention to it. The logo also features a musical rest symbol, plus the studio’s founding date to emphasize the school’s credibility.

The next challenge after helping define what PCS does was to show why they do it. Music lessons have a huge impact on the student’s ability to learn and succeed in all areas, not just the arts. The homepage of the site tackles this directly—with the large headline as well as with the outside-of-the-box photography (instead of the typical shots of children sitting at pianos). Throughout the rest of the site, the messaging keeps pointing readers to the many long-term benefits of music.

The site design features a vibrant color scheme (teal and orange) balanced by brown tones. Our development team worked to create user-friendly layouts for complex information (such as multiple class schedules and calendars), and all page layouts continue to perform very well when viewed on mobile.