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Smith Jordan

Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating, especially when you’re already under a lot of stress. The attorneys of the Smith, Jordan & Lavery law firm specialize in helping hurting people who have been denied Social Security or Workers’ Compensation benefits, or are the victims of an accident or false accusation. Unfortunately, many people in these stressful situations aren’t aware of their rights, and may be afraid to ask a lawyer for help.

So as 3Fold redesigned the Smith Jordan website, we knew approachability would be a major emphasis.

The site content, from the homepage to each inner page, was designed to communicate to readers that they’d be respected by knowledgeable lawyers who are sympathetic to their frustrations. We took time to explain the different types of legal cases in a way that was helpful, non-condescending, and stripped of “legal-ese” so that readers feel empowered to make a decision.

The design team refreshed the Smith Jordan logo and brand colors, choosing elements that would make the site feel friendly and approachable.

We created user-friendly page layouts, and were meticulous about making the site mobile-friendly. The layout of the homepage, for example, not only adapts to smaller screens, but actually has a different organizational strategy when viewed on different devices.