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The eBicycle Store

The eBicycle Store is a brand-new venture in Greenville, offering a completely new product to the South Carolina Upstate. The electric bicycle (stylized as eBicycle) is a bicycle with a battery and an assistance motor to give riders an extra boost when they pedal. Entrepreneurs John Rekers and Inge Flackett partnered with 3Fold Creative to create a new website, signage for their retail space, and a new brand identity.


We had the challenge of introducing a lifestyle product to a market that hadn’t ever heard of an electric bicycle before and didn’t know why they should want one. So our promotional content had to define what an electric bicycle was and what it was not (i.e. not a moped, not a virtual bicycle, not a regular bicycle merely sold online).

We also had to go beyond features to present the benefits of an eBicycle—helping viewers envision how an eBicycle could make their commute better, get them in shape, give them a way to connect with others, or whatever application best fit their personal lifestyles.

And since advertising would appear primarily (at least at first) via store signage, we had to communicate all of that within seconds to passers-by.

We developed a messaging campaign that invites readers to imagine the benefits of an eBicycle. The main tagline is “Find your Freedom,” which can stand alone or be combined with a series of other headlines, including “Find your Fitness” and “Find your Community,” plus other iterations the client wanted to create.


The logo also had to communicate something about eBicycles at a moment’s glance. The primary emphasis of the logo is the word “Bicycle”—again, to emphasize that these are bicycles, not mopeds—with a secondary emphasis on the “e” (note the unusual negative space and the bar over the top). The font is clean and simple, with the “B” designed to look a bit like a bicycle itself.

We aimed for a sophisticated, European vibe since many of the bicycle brands the store offers are headquartered in Germany. Lime green serves as the brand’s primary color, as a subtle nod to these bicycles being significantly “greener” than automobiles.


We put a lot of thought into the signage to appear in and around the store’s physical space. The goal was to pique the curiosity of those passing by, while giving them some clue as to what an eBicycle was.

sandwich_sign_mockupFor example, one of the store’s sidewalk signs grabs attention with the headline: “Bike all the way downtown? No sweat. An extra boost with every pedal stroke.” The main image includes a bicycle with a + and – signs, like you’d see on a battery.

We want to give viewers enough information so they’ll realize this isn’t a typical bicycle store, but to leave enough unsaid that they’ll want to come in and learn more.

The eBicycle Store opened its doors in April 2015. Check out their new website or, if you’re in the Greenville area, stop by and visit them in the River Place building!