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The Wilds: Registration

The Wilds, a large Christian camping organization with locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, and New Hampshire, came to us with a seemingly simple request: online registration.

As we dug into the problem, however, we learned that the Wilds runs nearly 70 different kinds of camps each year, each with their own set of exceptions. The organization employs a full-time worker just to sort out the housing arrangements (for example, honoring roommate requests, grouping campers by age range, and balancing teams, cabins, and counselors), and the labor required to keep up with the accounting was astonishing.

3Fold Creative built a custom web application that handles these needs and many more, allowing campers and sponsors to register online, sign up for extra options (like t-shirts or golf outings or rafting trips), request special housing accommodations, and pay current and past balances. Parents and pastors can register individual children or large groups, and manage those registrations as things change. Wilds staff members can plan food orders, evaluate staffing needs, and handle all kinds of reporting with the application’s extensive tools.

Instead of trying to force the Wilds into some off-the-shelf product that didn’t fit their needs, 3Fold Creative took a custom approach and developed an application that gave them exactly what they needed to accomplish their goals.