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Profile of an Ideal Client

“What’s a good referral for you?” I get asked that a lot.

I’ve discovered that knowing exactly who I want to serve is really powerful. That knowledge helps me quickly identify whether a person or company is a good fit and allows me to focus all my energies on reaching the right audience. Over the years, I’ve redefined my target market several times. Here’s the latest iteration.

I evaluate clients in two areas: personality and organizational profile. It’s simpler than you might expect, with just 7 criteria overall.

Personality Profile

I look for 4 traits in personality:

  1. Character and integrity.
  2. Vision.
  3. Ambition.
  4. Capacity for trust.

All of these characteristics are vital to the mix: someone with ambition but no character, run away! All vision but no ambition–we’ll discuss lots of great ideas, but nothing will ever get done. Someone who is naturally skeptical and unable to trust us will micromanage the project and second guess all of our recommendations and no one will be satisfied with the end result. But if someone has all four traits, there’s a very good chance that we’ll work well together for many years to come.

Organizational Profile

What about industry? 3Fold works with a myriad of industries, but they do share a few traits:

  • Service businesses. While we love building eCommerce websites and web applications, our team really excels at personalizing something abstract and impersonal—typically a service as opposed to a tangible product. We take what could just be a commodity service and turn it into a personal experience, differentiating you from your competitors.
  • 10-50 employees. We work with companies both smaller and larger than this range, but we find that 10-50 is our sweet spot.
  • Operating at a level higher than your brand suggests. In other words, your website and logo look like 1990, but your operations and services look like 2015. We excel at using branding to elevate both your marketing efficiency and your organization as a whole. (See our previous post for how we do that)

With that combination of personality and organizational profile, our partnership could carry on long-term, creating exponential growth for your company while using the best skills of our diverse team.

What about you? Do you have a clearly-defined target audience? If so, is your website and other marketing helping you attract the right kinds of clients, while filtering out the wrong ones? Knowing who your best-fit audience is, and focusing all of your efforts on reaching them, can be a powerful experience. You’ll increase your profitability, plus you’ll have fun doing it.

Think you’re an ideal client for 3Fold? Give me a call and we’ll do coffee or lunch, or at the very least will enjoy a nice phone conversation.



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