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A Tale of Two Websites

Once upon time, a technology company took on so many projects that they didn’t have time to improve their own website. They all knew it was probably hurting their business, but with so many projects rolling in, it was hard to justify the time and expense of building a new website.

Eventually, the team crafted a new website to display their quality work. But did it really change anything?

Almost overnight, the CEO of that tech company noticed a few things. His sales cycle had shortened—when he talked to potential clients, they were ready to sign a check. Those clients also represented bigger companies and wanted more substantial projects. They were willing to pay dramatically more than before. And he was getting fewer and fewer requests from clients who weren’t a good fit.

That tech company? It’s 3Fold. And the CEO? That was me. I sold the effectiveness of a 3Fold site for years before I experienced it myself. Now that I’ve profited from the results, I want others to see how the right website can enhance their business.

So here’s what a successful website will do to help you grow:

Improve credibility

A good website doesn’t just tell your audience what you offer—it convinces them to pick you. Credibility is a huge part of that. Your audience needs to know that you are trustworthy and professional. A website that’s old, out of date, or just plain embarrassing definitely doesn’t help with that.

Shorten your sales cycle

Does your sales cycle look something like this?

First encounter -> six months and a lot of meetings later, the client finally signs a check.

The right website will skip almost directly to the check. How? The client has already visualized how your product will change his life because your website showed him how. He’s already seen examples and talked it over with his partners—because your website had all the information he needed. And since he read your testimonials, he’s already had several good referrals. By the time he calls you, he’s ready to sign a check and you’ve saved yourself 3 months of work.

Increase conversions

Let’s say that only 1 out of 100 visitors to your website will actually contact you, buy your product, and sign a check. What if that number could be 2/100? Or 20/100? The right website makes you stand out from your competitors by strategically combining content, design, and technology. That differentiation will dramatically increase your conversions, making every dollar work harder for you.

Earn a premium price

The cheapest guy always wins, right? Not anymore. The right website elevates the conversation above price and talks about value instead of dollar signs. The guy down the street is selling features, but you’re selling results. Your audience is willing to pay top dollar for you to change their lives.

Attract the right clients

Raise your hand if you love all the clients you’ve ever worked with.

I didn’t think so.

You have a specific type of customer you really want to attract. And…some you just wish would go away. We’ve all lost time and money selling to a client who won’t buy or managing clients we wish hadn’t bought in the first place. The right website helps you attract that ideal client and filters out the others, saving you time and money that you can invest in projects that matter.

Will you see these benefits on a typical website sales proposal? Nope. Because they’re intangible—they don’t fit on a list with load time and top Google stats (although those are important). Growing your business exponentially requires a lot more than website features. You need a website that will grow your business and support your vision.

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