Unreachable Horizons: 2015 in Review

My little sister turned 20 in November. In my head though, she’s still somewhere around 15. I know she’s in college. I know she’s dating and probably not far from married. I know she’s an intelligent, successful adult. But in my head I see her stuck at 15.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience? When you’re close to a person, it’s hard to see changes. Like the infamous boiling frogs, the change has come so gradually you didn’t notice until it was too late (sorry for the mental image!).

The same happens as a company. We sometimes feel like we haven’t grown or haven’t reached our goals. In reality, we have reached our goals and grown past them to new and bigger goals, making it easy to overlook accomplishments.

To keep those accomplishments from going unnoticed, we attempt to recognize our growth in two major ways. First, we start our weekly production meeting with a “Good Stuff” time, where we celebrate personal and professional accomplishments from the previous 7 days. Second, at least once or twice a year, we hold a “State of the Company” meeting (less boring than it sounds, promise!).

We want to share some news from the State of the Company with you. Not because we’re egotistical, but because growth for us means growth for you. We’re excited to be able to offer better growth for you through this year’s change and we want to celebrate our abundantly good year with you.

3Fold’s Mission:
3Fold Creative exists to promote exponential, goal-oriented, and sustainable growth among the people and organizations we serve.




All of our projects present new opportunities for growth, but some are especially rewarding. The projects below serve as representative samples of our major undertakings this year.

Piano Central Studios
Goldie Associates
The eBicycle Store
In addition, we’ve built some really cool web applications. Since most of these aren’t very visual, and since they require usernames and passwords to use them, you’ll have to take our word for it that we’ve worked on some really interesting projects this year.


Internal Projects

Juggling client projects and internal projects is tricky, but we managed to move forward on several internal initiatives that have made us a better team.

New conference room

In addition to our large conference room, we now have a smaller (and cozier!) conference room. It’s great for internal meetings or one on one client meetings. And it makes coordinating calendars a lot easier!

Jedi Training

Yes, we’re all nerds. Yes, most of our office has already seen The Force Awakens.

With significant personnel growth this year, we needed a way to keep everyone on the same page and efficiently share information. So we began having a weekly meeting to train in some aspect of our business. Whether it’s technical details about our task management system, the history of agencies, how to write a better email, or how to provide great customer experiences, we learn something new every week!

Unique Ability Teamwork

Growing our team this year has allowed each member to focus more on his unique ability, defined as the intersection of his skill and passion. We’re each still wearing lots of hats, but we’re on the path to having a team where everyone can do what he does best and loves most.



And here’s the part our accountant cares about.

Revenue is up just over 20% relative to 2014, with net income doing a bit better than that.

We’ve got a strong balance sheet: we could pay everyone on our team for 8-9 months from cash and receivables, even if new work stopped entirely.

We passed $1 million in total revenue this year. That is a staggering number in so many ways, at least for a little agency like ours.

You don’t care about the nitty-gritty details, but suffice to say that our team has become more efficient and our projects have gotten bigger and more successful. Everyone wins!



Every year, members of our team attend conferences, read thousands of pages about the industry, and learn new skills.

They also grow outside work. Our team members have lost weight, taken up exercising, graduated from degree programs, and accomplished other personal goals.

We’ve had three weddings, four births (all boys!), and two engagements this year. And through all that excitement, we still managed to finish a lot of projects!



We would love to share some of the lessons we’ve learned this year, but you’ve been extremely patient to read this far, so we’ll be releasing a separate post about neat concepts that changed the way we work. Look for that soon!

Whew! Busy year. What did you accomplish this year?

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