Internet Explorer Security Risk

Warning: Internet Explorer security risk

A security breach in Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser, can make your computer vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Microsoft announced the vulnerability on April 26, and it affects all versions of IE from 6 (released in 2001) to 11 (released in 2013). In other words, if you’re using pretty much any version of Internet Explorer, you’re probably at risk.

This security flaw gives hackers the potential to install malware on a user’s computer. The threat is so serious that the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom are urging users to take measures to protect themselves—or simply switch to a different browser—until Microsoft fixes the problem.

Here at 3Fold, we strongly recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

You can read more about the security breach on CNet.

Update (5/5/14)

Microsoft has released a patch to fix this vulnerability on Internet Explorer. If IE is set up to update automatically  on your computer, then the problem should be fixed.  Otherwise, you’ll need to manually update your browser.

Better yet, just keep your switch to Chrome or Firefox permanent. Although this particular bug has been fixed, we’ve found that Internet Explorer is much less reliable than other browsers, and tends to have more of these kinds of problems. User experience is usually much better on Firefox or Chrome.


Image credit: ieteam via photopin cc

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